Reward-Based Training & Rehabilitation 

for Dogs of All Types

Specialising in Rescue and Reactive Dogs

The Aim

AllDogs Brighton provides affordable, personalised and sympathetic training for dogs, puppies and their humans so they are all happier and adjusted  and feel in tune with each other.


Why the name AllDogs?

AllDogs aims never to exclude a dog from the chance of effective training and works with all ages and personalities as well as specialising in dogs that are classified as ‘difficult’, have been rejected by other trainers or cannot be walked in groups.


What you see is what you get.

AllDogs offers a simple and clear choice of programmes and pricing to make it easy to choose your package. There are no hidden charges or conditions.

What sets us apart

AllDogs Brighton offers learning for dogs indoors and outside that is often not available elsewhere including:

  • long-term behavioural rehabilitation for anxious and aggressive dogs (one-to-one),

  • social group for anxious and reactive dogs to support 1:1 therapy including agility, scent, mixing and fun,

  • combining walking and training for dogs with behavioural issues,

  • autism companion dog training

  • small group classes only to ensure high-quality delivery,

  • swimming lessons in the sea (weather permitting)

  • recommended by the RSPCA Brighton as a specialist in addressing rescue dogs' behavioural issues.


The business takes a personal and local approach to make sure clients get the most benefit from the training they choose. 


The Method

The approach is reward-based training that is universally accepted as the most humane and effective way of training dogs and puppies of all types in obedience, agility and control. It works on the basis that there are no naughty or stubborn dogs, just dogs that are not being told clearly what is required of them, in a way they can understand and process. 

Training is most effective when the dog and the person are engaged in activity and movement instead of just sitting in a group.

What we offer

There are three types of programme: one-to-onegroup sessions and autism companion dog training. Each programme has a different amount of emphasis on training the pet or training the human to train the pet. Although there is crossover between the two it is important to consider from the start the type you most want.

All dog training is only as effective as the consistency of approach between trainer and pet guardian.

N.B. Depending on the dog and their issues you may be recommended to take an extended period, as adjusting can be a long-term process that simply cannot be achieved in a few sessions. The trainer will advise the best approach after the initial assessment meeting.  

Email and Skype support offered on demand. Videos of progress supplied when possible.

One to One Training

Personal Dog Training

An hour of personal training with you and your dog tailored to the outcomes you want to achieve. This is ideal for dogs who have behavioural issues and is effective in tackling anti-social traits. Each week you will be shown exercises/techniques to be practised for the next session.  

This is also effective for those who cannot make the group classes and want to develop the dog's recall, lead walking and general obedience. 

Price: £35 per session + parking and travel where applicable


Group Training

Training and Socialising for Reactive and Anxious Dogs (outdoors)

This training is for dogs that have undergone a 1:1 training programme.

Aimed at dogs who are not able to mix freely with others and may have anxiety issues that show in anti social behaviour. This will necessarily be a small group and aims to show the guardians how to work with their dog to reduce negative behaviour and encourage socialisation and response to instructions.

The trainer will talk to you about your dog's training needs in order to take part in the group.


When: Sundays at 10am

Venue: Shoreham-by-Sea

Price: £15 per session or £50 for 4 sessions


The Trainer

Lucia Babjakova has been a dog trainer for 16 years in Czech Republic, the USA and England. She served her apprenticeship as a teenager in professional kennels in Texas, Florida and Brno handling and training dogs for homing and show competitions.

Settled in Brighton since 2010 she has been working mainly with rescue dogs to rehabilitate them for rehoming. All the dogs pictured on the website have been successfully trained by her. She currently has a 100% success rate in rehoming the dogs she has worked with.

She recently became accredited by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and gained her Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour Level 3 OCN certificate. She is working towards the NCFE Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma level 5. She has also completed courses in Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation, Career as a Dog Trainer, the Practical Instructor and attended an Interactive Play workshop by Craig Ogilvie. Her online training includes the Sirius Dog Trainer Academy with Dr Ian Dunbar’s series of training videos covering:  Science Based Dog Training (3 days), Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression, How to Train a Puppy (2 days), Crucial Concepts in Dog Behaviour and Training, Growl Class.

She is continuously updating her knowledge and skills and investing in training courses to stay ahead of the pack.

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Contact and Enrolment

To enrol please email for enrolment form and payment details.

Or call 07870494770 for more information. 

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