Autism Companion Dog Training

All autistic children are different. No assumptions can be made in advance as to how they will react to animals and it is not true that they will all automatically bond closely with any animal, including a dog. Some autistic children can be frightened or indifferent to the animal.


However, as is also true with typical children and adults, there are many who will get an enormous amount of emotional reassurance from having a relationship with a dog and this, in turn, can help their personal development significantly. 


If your child/person is autistic and you would like them to have a dog as a companion and to help them develop their confidence, communication and behaviour I can help you train and integrate a companion dog into the family. 


As the parent of an autistic child and a certificated canine behaviourist I am well placed to assess the needs of the dog and the child and design a strategy for the dog to be trained whilst in the family home to meet the specific needs of a child on the autistic spectrum.


This programme is open to:

  • Those who may already have a family dog and want to train them to respond to the child’s needs.

  • Those who have a puppy and need help with training to meet the spectrum support needs.

  • Those who are thinking of getting a dog to be trained as an autism assistance dog.


This is a long-term programme and will require your commitment and patience. To put it in context–typical assistance dog programmes last for two years before the dog is placed. Training in the home depends on a number of factors including crucially the amount of time and commitment the adults can give to implementing the training programme in between sessions.